The 7sight idea was conceived from the desire to solve a variety of technology needs that have become serious problems in technology oriented companies. This belief is hinged on supporting hard facts about the economy which include increasing (easy) accessibility to information, new technology and superior cost advantages.

The company was incorporated in February 2006 with a track record of Jobs that were done individually and collectively by members of the Team. The team is a combination of young and dynamic players in the Technology World that possess the burning passion to solve technology related problems in the most cost effective manner.

The following can be considered some of our strong points: We believe in customer satisfaction to the minutest detail, We provide adequate training and documentation to our clients for all our products and services,We research and use modern technologies and techniques.


To become a top notch ICT company through effective delivery of Web Services, Network Services, Application Development and Telecommunication based solutions.


To provide diverse I.T services to a wide variety of industries and meet them at their point of need.


  • Excellence
    By focusing on always adding value we attain the best in character, competence, products, services and processes.
  • Innovation
    We customize our products to fit into your business style
  • Integrity
    We thrive in our bid to always remain faithful to our clients
  • Synergy
    We share close bonds working together as a team to ensure that all our activities complement each other in ways that create value for our customers.

Web Development

Our well seasoned web development team is responsible for website design and implementation scenarios that are carefully carried out to align with the customer’s requirement document. We thrive not just to build an application website to suit a customer’s needs, but also to add value to the customer’s process flow.

Application Development

We have working experience in application development scenarios across different work sects. Our expertise covers airport fids applications, stock broking applications and banking applications.  

Network Design and Implementation

Our Network Design and Implementation team are a group of well trained professionals who through experience and up to standard ICT techniques that match world standards, have been successful in delivering world class solutions and seemingly best practices.

Telecommunication Based Solutions and Value Added Services

The Telecommunication group is responsible for researching into Telecommunication based technologies to discover ways of developing solutions around these technologies to solve Industry as well as individual needs. Our clients include Banks, Telecommunication companies, SoHos, Hotels, Restaurants, Airports, e.t.c.

ICT Based Equipment Sales and Delivery

With our standing relationship with TD technologies, a major player in the ICT equipment Industry, we offer quality ICT equipment sales covered by warranties and all manufacturer benefits. We deal in Workstations and Monitors, High end Servers, local and Network Printers, Scanners, Switches and Routers, Laptops, Microsoft Software Suites, e.t.c. We will tend to all your Network needs.


Innovative Products and Business Models

We lay special emphasis on seeking and discovering creative new ways of tailoring cutting edge technology platforms and best practices to peculiar business environments prevailing in emerging Markets. We customize our solutions and products to satisfy the ever demanding needs of our business clients. We are always researching new edge technologies to see how we can serve the business community better.

Focus Areas

We have decided to attain number one in every market segment where we operate. To do this we realize the need for foresight to identify markets with value gaps, insight to know our strengths and weaknesses, courage to build required competencies over time and discipline to stay out of markets where we cannot become number one.

Quality Service Delivery

We at 7sight believe in outmost brand Integrity, which we achieve through our top of the range products and services. We thrive with increased incisive customer experience and satisfaction.

Research & Development

Our core strategy revolves around developing tools and methodologies that greatly enhance productivity while maintaining high quality standards. Most of our Research & Development efforts currently focus on cost effective means of delivering optimal efficiency through component reusability, revamp models, well managed cutting edge technologies and high level project management techniques.

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